Slochd Summit

Slocht Summit is located 11¾ miles from Aviemore Junction and 22 miles from Millburn Junction. The summit is 1,315ft above sea-level.

A pair of Birmingham RCW Type 2 (Class 26) locomotives head a Glasgow to Inverness train near Slochd in the early 1960s. [Morgan-Wells]

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Opened: 1st November, 1898.

Culloden Station was 27¾ miles from Aviemore Junction and 6 miles from Millburn Junction. The station is closed, but the line is double track from here to Inverness. To the south of the station is Culloden Viaduct. The goods yard remains, having been used for oil traffic, but is now disused. In steam days, the sidings were used to store redundant locomotives awaiting scrapping.

Ex-Highland Railway Castle Class (LMSR Class 3P) 4-6-0 No. 14677 Dunrobin Castle pilots an LMSR Class 5 4-6-0 near Culloden on a southbound train from Inverness, circa 1936. No. 14677 was built by Dubs & Co. and entered service as HR No. 142 in June 1900, and was withdrawn in February 1939. [C.R. Gordon Stuart/Lens of Sutton]

Carr Bridge

Opened: 8th July, 1892.

Carr Bridge Station is 6½ miles from Aviemore Junction and 27¼ miles from Millburn Junction. This station has two platforms and a passing loop. There was a large goods yard which was used extensively by Canadian foresters during both World Wars. A narrow gauge railway - now closed and dismantled - ran westwards from the station for the transport of logs. The disused signal box at the south end remains. The north signalbox was incorporated into the station building. The buildings on both platforms remain.

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Birmingham RCW Type 2 (Class 26) Nos. D5338 and D5343 head the 10.00 Glasgow Buchanan Street to Inverness train at the foot of the climb to Slochd Summit, north of Aviemore, 30th July, 1962. [Anthony A. Vickers]


Opened: 19th July, 1897.
Closed: 3rd May, 1965.

Tomatin Station was situated 15½ miles from Aviemore Junction and 18¼ miles from Millburn Junction. It had two platforms with a passing-loop and goods yard. The goods yard remains in use by railway engineers, and the passing loop is controlled remotely. The platforms, station house and signalbox remain standing. To the south of the station is Findhorn viaduct.

Viewed from a passing Inverness-bound train, Birmingham RCW Type 2 Bo-Bo (Class 26) No. 5318 is seen a short distance to the south of Tomatin Station on 29th August, 1963, having failed whilst working a Perth-bound goods train. [Brian J. Dickson]


Opened: 19th June, 1897.

Moy Station was located 19½ miles from Aviemore Junction and 14¼ miles from Millburn Junction.

Ex-Caledonian railway 113 Class 4-4-0 No. 54466 stands at Moy Station with the 3.22pm Aviemore to Inverness train on 24th June, 1953. [R.F. Roberts]

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